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Portrait Masters

Back in February I quietly entered images into a huge, international photography competition, The Portrait Masters. Thousands of photographers around the world sent in their best work to have it 'graded' and judged by a panel of 8 incredible judges that are at the absolute top of the photography world. They are the masters and because of that I was filled with excitement and nervousness akin to that of a neurotic rabbit. I love my work. I love what I create for my clients. Thankfully, all my clients love their pictures as well. In a competition like this with judges like these, you are graded on everything. A hair out of place, a hand not properly positioned, lighting not professionally done, coloring, editing, retouching, composition- if it's not done properly to their standard you dont place. In the Portrait Masters there are no 'participation' awards, no matter how much you may love what you submitted. There is only hard work, practice, mastery, skill, and craft. I anxiously submitted 4 images. I sweated over them, loved them, looked at them over and over again. Had others who excel in certain arias of photoshop and editing look at my work and critique it before it was sent to the judges. For me, the worst would be not getting an award. I know everyone likes to win. And while I'm not particularly competitive in most arias of my life, photography is not one of them. I am proud of my work! I am proud of what I create for my clients, my friends. What I create is not generic. It's not something that gets thrown together. There is skill and artistry in what I do . . . and the people I photograph trust me. I entered 4 pictures into one of the biggest, most competitive, most skillfully judged photography competitions in the world . . . And each one that I entered was given a Bronze Award. My work was judged by some of the greatest photographers in the world today and labeled as the "professional standard" of what should be found in the photography industry. "You have been judged anonymously, collectively and impartially by one of the best panels in the industry, stand proud." -Sue Bryce (my mentor and one of the skilled judges) And proud I stand as I show you the beautiful work that won me 4 Bronzes.

The Bruns Family Portrait. One of the greatest family portraits I've ever created.

The beautiful Gabrielle.

Sweet Addie

. . . . this picture has a story and so much meaning in my heart and soul.

To my friends, clients, and subjects, you have honored me. I could not have done this without you. YOU make me stand proud. Love, Melinda

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