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Princess For An Afternoon

Remember when you looked at your daughter for the first time and you knew, you KNEW, she was something special.

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You looked at her and your world changed forever.

The feeling of protection and love swelled in your heart with so much ferocity you thought it might burst.

"She's perfect," you thought as you brushed her cheek.

And the Heavens whispered back, "She's royal," as if to remind you of who she really is and where she comes from.

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A royal heritage preceded by generations of women who stood tall, faced persecution, loved deeply, and fought with honor as they held their ground against the persecutions of their time.

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This child, your daughter, was born from a noble birthright and carries with her a magnificence that shines out and blesses the world.

You've been charged with the sacred responsibility of taking this perfect little girl, this princess, and walking with her, not through a magnificent palace, but a bog- a world willed with twists, turns, trials, and traps. You know it will be difficult. You know she will get hurt and she will make mistakes. You know the world is dirty and scary and dangerous and unforgiving.

But people need her light.

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And your heart breaks because this is the world she has to face.

Your heart breaks because you know one day hers will break also.

So you make a plan to teach her, to protect her . . . because, even if you wanted to, and with every part of your soul you do, you can't defend her from every hurt.

You hold this precious gift that is your daughter and your heart painfully yarns for her to know the truth about who she is.

You want to wrap her in the knowledge that she is special.

She is unique.

She is infinitely valuable.

She is important.

She is a heavenly light . . . a cherished gift.

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Because if she knows who she is she won't get lost. She won't lose her way down dark paths filled with thorns and heartbreak. If she knows who she is she won't settle for less. She won't fall for rotten promises painted as red apples of adventure. Or sleep away her life in bitter regret.

If she knows who she is she will stand with her head tall, her spine straight as she faces the destructive forces of the world and say, "I will not break. I will not cower. I will not bow. I know who I am. I know my worth. I will not succumb to the darkness for I am a Princess of Light."

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You know who your daughter is. You've seen her light.

You know she's a princess. Does she?

I invite your precious daughter to experience a Princess for an Afternoon photoshoot where she is treated and pampered like royalty. You'll get to watch her have hair and makeup done and then spin and dance and glow in beautiful dresses and crowns as she's photographed.

Your precious daughter will be cherished and reminded of how valuable she is as she sees and holds pictures of herself.

This is a limited time photoshoot experience so set a consultation today. Photoshoot experience includes: • Hair and Makeup by Princess Shea

• Up to 3 gowns from studio wardrobe

• Drinks and snacks

• Guided photoshoot

• Session Gift

• A royal crown

• Ordering appointment

Contact today for a personal consultation and planning call.

I can't wait to meet your Little Princess.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

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