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Public Speaking- it's scary

On Wednesday I talked to a small group of young women about public speaking. Now, I like public speaking. I like it A LOT!

One thing I wanted these girls to understand is that even though I truly enjoy talking in front of a crowd or presenting, I'm still scared. Every single time.

I get shakey.

I worry.

I feel a little self-doubt.

The intense emotions coursing through my body are present every time just before I speak.

I told these young women that public speaking is allowed to be scary for the rest of their lives. I have no secret to make it not scary.

The fear is real.

But the really amazing thing about fear, it doesn't really go away . . . we just get braver.

We realized we can do hard things.

We can stand up to the monsters and purposefully do things that make us shake in our boots. And when we do, when we face it head-on, it's still scary . . . but we realize we're a whole lot braver than we thought.

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Take on the scary things in life.

Look it in the eye.

Take a deep breath and grab your sword, you are so much braver than you know.

Love, Melinda

p.s. enjoy this little throwback to last summer when all my freckles were out to play. Thanks to my two sisters, Marianne and Emma, for being my photographer team and helping me look so good.

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