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Sammy Davis Jr.

*insert funny/witty/poignant comment about the legendary singer*

"Did they special make his shirt?" I asked my friend as we watched Sammy demo a workout that would inevitably make us sore the next day. "Look at his arms? How do they even fit through the sleeves?"

"I don't even know," my friend said. "He's something else for sure."

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I met Sammy at my local Journey Fitness in Sayre PA where he coaches and inspires using his incredible strength and all too charming smile.

Sammy is strong and it's incredibly obvious. I've personally witnessed him do things that should defy gravity or are at least Hollywood movie worthy. This is a man who loves fitness and strength but even more striking is his aura of peace and calm.

In the gym, you have a host of different coaching styles, all of them valuable for different people. If you looked at Sammy and had to guess, you might say his style would be enthusiastically loud and continuous. He's a big guy. Must mean a big attitude too. I was surprised to learn this was not Sammy at all.

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While Sammy had the body of a greek god his ego is far from his mythological counterparts.

Sammy is peaceful and accommodating.

He's thoughtful and easy with his emotions.

Maybe this is due to his Buddhist beliefs, or maybe it's because his background allowed him to see chaos in the world of professional sports and in the world of corrections, and he chose something different.

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With Sammy, you get easy smiles, easy laughs, and visual inspiration to grab some weights and start lifting.

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Cheers to incredible things happening for an incredible man who works hard and lives free. Take a look at what Sammy has going on in his professional life:

"Hyped to say I am finally official. After years of doin it just because I’m finally a certified personal trainer!!! This month is bringing so much to me after all the hardships I have gotten through things have turned around for me!!!! I had my first ever photoshoot with I passed my CpT exam and now on to my first ever fitness conference(perform better) in providence and the Optima conference in October ! I can’t wait for what the rest of the year has in store for me!"

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Well done, my friend! Well done!

Love, Melinda

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