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Samuel approached me about photographing him almost 2 years ago. To say that this man has been waiting a while to be photographed by me is an understatement.

A before styling and after styling

Samuel came to me and basically handed me the reins. Every idea I pitch to him he was happily on board with. He just wanted to look good. I love when I'm handed creative control. I love being able to exercise that muscle.

The greatest compliment to me is when someone trusts me enough to photograph them. They have taken the time to research me and my work and trust that I will show their beauty, their elegance, and their power back to them. I don't just want to take beautiful pictures of you. Taking beautiful pictures, pictures that make you feel pride, joy, and happiness, isn't just a passive want- it is my highest priority when I photograph you.

I asked Samuel how this expense was, especially since he handed over complete creative control: "My experience was amazing. You did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and welcomed.  I do see myself differently after this shoot. The photos showed me more of a handsome side of myself I’m not use to seeing. It’s weird actually seeing myself in a photo when It’s for modeling. I think low of myself when it comes to that but with these I feel so good about myself."

When I photograph you, my goal is for you to love yourself more when you see your portraits. Some might think it's a lofty goal. Perhaps a bit fluffy. But I have seen it time and time again. Portraits can change the way you see yourself. I can show you your strength, beauty, power, vitality, sensuality, enthusiasm- whatever word you can think of, I can show it back to you. I can show you that you have 'it'. 'Cause here's the thing, I'm not making something out of nothing. What I do is not Alchemy. I just listen. I watch. I move you. And ultimately, I'm just revealing things that you already have. Love, Melinda

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