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Seasons of Change

Both mine and Shea's (Shea is my incredible makeup artist that everyone always wants to become best friends with) life is in a time of change intermixed with the chaos of heavy emotions.

We've spent time talking about how we're dealing, coping, learning, and, hopefully, growing. Shea isn't just a positivity fairy who flies in, sprinkles positive words over your troubles, and then flies out.

She sees purpose in the pain.

She sees it as progress brought about by the experiences of life.

And she sees pain as something deserving of being felt . . . but not lived in.

I hope you read Shea's personal insight that's filled with understanding and hope.

And I hope it brightens your day like it brightened mine.

Love, Melinda

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From Shea:

This was the last time I felt super great about myself. May. 5 months ago. And Melinda captured it on camera.

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I remember exactly how I felt during this photo shoot, and why I felt so joyful, light, excited, and encouraged.

Change is hard. Even change that is needed, important, good, and positive… can still be hard.

I’m thankful that Melinda unknowingly captured how I was feeling in these photos. Looking at them reminds me to be kind to myself. They remind me that I’m still me, even when life gets a little overwhelming. They remind me that I am resilient, strong, powerful, and worthy.

They remind me to take small steps every day that will lead me to feeling great again. Even better than before.

Because that’s what this journey is all about.

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One of the things we don’t talk about enough in small business, and life in general, is that positive growth also comes with struggle, stress, emotions, uncertainty, doubt, and fear. This is normal and part of the process. Not every move you make will feel amazing or be filled with joy and fun. That doesn’t mean you’re making the wrong choice… it just means that change can be hard.

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I hear people say things like “look on the bright side!” “stay positive!” “at least you…”

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This is true, but for me personally, I also need to sit with the emotional waves that come with change. Otherwise, I feel like I’m putting a blanket of unrealistic expectations on myself, which ultimately leads to disappointment and even more struggle and doubt.

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Instead, I’ve learned to accept the emotional waves, feelings, ups, downs, and everything in between. I acknowledge all of it and try my best to learn from it. Then I remind myself not to live there. This too shall pass. We can feel “blue” without staying there forever.

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If you’re in a season of change, give yourself permission to feel your way through it. Know that it’s normal and healthy, and you’ll be better off in the long run for understanding your feelings instead of covering them up. You can remain positive and resilient while holding space for a little fear and the “what the heck am I doing!?” moments. This is all part of the growth process.

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Ways I deal with change:

1. Acknowledge that it's normal to feel waves of emotions, good and bad.

2. Focus on small tasks- one at a time.

3. Be okay with not getting everything done right away. Things just take time.

4. Be kind to yourself, slow down, breathe, and do what's best for yourself in the moment.

5. Ask for help.

6. Do things that are familiar and that bring you comfort.

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Shea Hollister

Hairstylist & Airbrush Makeup Artist

P.S. Are you interested in an incredible photoshoot experience all your own with Melinda and Shea? Whether it be headshots and branding or contemporary portraits and boudoir we will create something show-stopping that celebrates you! Contact us to get chatting.

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