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The Beautiful Snyder Family

Travis Snyder stood in my studio like a mountain, his back straight and steel eyes bright and clear.

This was a man who was all business. There would be no mincing of words and no wasting time.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Snyder?" I asked, putting pen to paper.

"I want to get a photoshoot for my wife, Nina, and our two daughters," Travis said. "But especially I want my wife to feel beautiful again. I want her to see what I see."

mother and two daughters smile at their family photoshoot in Athens PA

I smiled as I nodded my head. How I wished other husbands would do this for their wives.

"She's not one to do this for herself, is she?"

Travis shook his head, smiling softly. "No. She's not. She's a caretaker to everyone. That's part of what makes her personality so beautiful. She is so caring. But she doesn't care enough about herself to see herself as beautiful." Travis shrugged his shoulders. "Well, she does care about herself but she would never see herself as someone who should or could do something like this."

a mother dresses in blue smiles on a black backdrop during her family photoshoot in Towanda PA.

I nodded, a feeling of familiarity settling in.

"Well, your Nina is in good company. The majority of the women I photograph feel this way before I photograph them. What's Nina's story? Why do you think she's like this?"

"Well, ya know, similar stuff that too many women face. She was picked on as a teenager for her weight. Had some not-so-great relationships that made her feel like she wasn't worth it. And just being a mom and having to sacrifice so much. And she puts herself down for not looking the way she thinks she should. But all I see is the beautiful woman I married."

Couple smiles happily at photography studio that serves Athens PA, Sayre PA, and Elmira NY.

Travis told me more about Nina and the incredible woman she is. She's the heart of their home and the calm and encouraging voice of love and reason.

I wasn't surprised by Nina's polite kindness and easy smile when we first talked. Travis's remarks about his wife weren't false words of a man who didn't know what to say about his wife of almost 14 years, and there are plenty that fit that bill. No, everything Travis said about Nina was true.

She is beautiful and it's her inner soul, this constant kindness and gentle nature, that makes her glow. Even after an hour of trying on dresses with her two daughters at my private home studio in Ulster PA, Nina was all smiles and gratitude.

Two beautiful sister smile together while being photographed at luxury studio in Ulster PA.

Nina is a presence of ease. You can relax with Nina and trust that you're alright with her.

Even with a demanding job and her beloved task of raising her incredible children Nina never said an unkind word.

In fact, the rudest thing she said was that parenting teenagers was 'sometimes a little tricky,' but then she looked across the room at her oldest daughter Morgan and smiled as if it didn't matter.

"But it's worth it?" I asked as I moved my light.

Nina looked back at me with that smile still filling her face, "Oh yes! Always worth it."

Mother and teenager daughter smile together as they are photographed at Fox Photography by Melinda Fox's studio in Ulster PA.

Photographing Nina and her family was a joy.

Family of five poses together in read and black during family photoshoot in Athens PA

Every moment was filled with smiles and gratitude.

Our time together was filled with jokes, stories, and constant encouragement.

Nina felt beautiful and it changed how she sees herself.

Her daughters looked at her, twinkles in their eyes, as they commented on how beautiful she was.

Mother and daughter pose together on black backdrop at photography studio in Elmira NY and Athens PA.

This experience Travis got for his family was more than just a few hours and some pretty pictures. The Snyder family photoshoot has produced lifetime reminders of beauty, connection as a family, and humor.

Funny father and son portrait at Ulster PA photography studio.

We celebrated and encouraged and we helped create for Travis and Nina a beautiful legacy that will live on for generations.

Travis and Nina, thank you for choosing me. Thank you for letting me see your incredible family and the admirable relationships you all have built with one another. What an honor!

Makeup by the lovely and talented Shea Hollister. Hair done by the lovely and talented Amanda, owner of Vitality Salon.



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