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The Hat

I love being won over. I love when I'm convinced to love something I once didn't like . . . Like ketchup, Scandinavian metal bands (thanks babe), Oreos, or pineapple on pizza (I've actually always loved that. I just wanted to cause some waves).

I'd been told by more than a few trusted friends/partners that this hat was worth keeping. But I just couldn't see it. It had fake, metallic like flowers glued around the base, faded tulle, and just a general odd shape.

I removed the flowers hoping that would help . . . all it really did was tear the tulle and leave bits of glue.

If anyone knows how to get rid to this glue, drop a line because I'd LOVE to know.

So there the hat sat . . . looking at me from atop the clothing rack. But GOSH! I just could not throw it away! Something about it, something whispered of a promise that this hat could be better than the flaws I saw. So I kept it in my studio . . . for months. Then comes Marinna and a hilltop at sunset. As I'm packing dresses and tops I snatch the hat thinking that maybe, just maybe, something will come from this.

Maybe this hat can be redeemed in my eyes.

Maybe I can see in it what so many others see.

You know what happened. Marinna excitedly grabbed the hat with as much enthusiasm as I grab pineapple pizza and beautiful pictures were taken.

Maybe this hat is an analogy for something . . .

Maybe its a reminder that things don't always look good at first, even when you try to fix them. But if you try harder, if you change your outlook, if you put it at the right place, at the right time, if you give it a chance, it can become something beautiful . . . something more than what it was before.

This is one of Marinna's favorite features- she loves her strong back.

Or maybe it's just a hat. And I'm just a photographer and should leave philosophy to scholars and educators . . . maybe . . .

. . .

Love, Melinda

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