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The Look

Look at Cindy's eyes.

Do you see it?

Do you see that protective, unfading love that only a mother can have for her child?

I see history.

I see years of hope, tears, encouragement, love, and prayers all spoken and given as the days ticked by.

Tears for herself and her children, prayers she can make it through and that her children will be safe, encouragement that she'll have the strength to keep going after another sleepless night . . .

I often worry that mothers are simultaneously put on a pedestal by some and looked down on by others.

"My mother was perfect."

"My beautiful, angel mother."

"Don't become a mom until you've established your career first."

"Bringing more children into this world is irresponsible."

"A mother's place is in the home."

"You could do more than stay home all day."

Who can live up to this?

Who can handle this type of pressure from both sides of the spectrum?

How this completely can derail any confidence a woman might have before and even after she steps into the roll of mother is unlike anything else a woman can face.

The all consuming intensity of what mother means is nothing compared to the actual work involved. This only gets made harder when the ideal of being the 'perfect mom' comes into play or this idea that a mother isn't living up to her full potential if she decided to stay home and raise children.

Where is the win? Where is victory? Where is the encouragement to keep going forward in another day when the reminder that she is not perfect, inside the home or out, plays like song in the background of her mind? Who can handel this type of pressure? Mothers can . . . mothers do.

You see that look in Cindy's eyes? Want to know how she got it? She kept going not caring enough about the loud opinions of the world or quiet whispers of near by onlookers to ever consider stopping. Yes, thats love you see in her expression . . . but it's also steel. A steel resolve to hold steady, to walk forward in the direction she was called to walk, and to remain strong amidst the criticisms of those who choose to not understand.

That is the look of motherhood. That is power. Very special thank you to Shea for her incredible makeup skills.

Love, Melinda

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