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The Shores Sisters

Take a beautiful 30 minute drive through farmland and over hills (or, if you're from the south, mini mountains) to the small village of Towanda where you'll cross the Susquehanna River, and there, in between Towanda and Wysox, is The Shores Sisters Farm Market.

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In the winter you'll be greeted by pine trees, bare pussy willows, and wreaths. In the summer, flowers, ferns, trees, bouquets, potted plants, and stunning flower arrangements. But no matter when you visit, this red and white farm-style building promises friendly smiles, vibrant plants, farm-fresh produce, delicious food, and inviting home decor.

As I walked through this store, camera strapped to my hip, I was amazed at how charming and delightful the whole space was. But even before I could explore, Lisa, the manager, told me something I needed to understand about the Shores Sisters:

"You don’t get better than Renee," Lisa said about the owner. "She cares so much. And she always puts people above herself.” "That's amazing," I said, remembering my kind interactions with Renee. "She's one of the best," Lisa said before jumping back to her computer and clipboard.

The Shores Sisters Farm Market; Fox Photography by Melinda Fox; The Shores Sisters; Towanda PA;

I meandered to the large dine-in greenhouse. It was bright and airy with promises of a new spring despite the falling snow outside. Water features played softly, overlapping the spirit-filled music. Chairs and rugs and tables were courteously laid out as an invitation to sit and chat, and, if you like it, buy it and take it home.

The Shores Sisters Farm Market; The Shores Sisters; Towanda PA; Photographers in Athens PA;

The kitchen was a purposeful calm as orders were quickly made, cupcakes were frosted, and bread baked. Despite being an intruder to their culinary world I was greeted with kind smiles and even kinder words of love and appreciation for where they worked. “I love being here," Lin said, as she gently wrapped banana bread. "I love serving others. This is a great place to work." "What makes it so special?" I asked. "The owners." Lin nodded her head. "They care for us. They do everything they can to accommodate what's going on in our lives. They are just good to us.”

And Lin wasn't the only one to echo Lisa's earlier statement and love for the Shores Sisters and Renee:

"Renee is someone everyone should work for. She cares. She works right alongside you. She makes you feel like you matter. She cares about every one of us." “I’ve known Renee since she was born. I’ve seen all this grow and it’s really beautiful. I love it here. She’s a concerned, gentle spirit. I love her new ideas and enthusiasm. She can solve any kind of problem.” “This is a great place! Renee is a great owner. She keeps us going. People just love it here. It’s so positive." “This is one of those places you love to come to work to. Working here was meant to be. They are the most kind and thoughtful people I’ve worked for. They make you feel like family. They’ve asked us for ideas, they’ve considered us in this growth. They make us feel, not just involved but part of it. We care about each other. They are so thoughtful in every aspect. They consider you one of their’s.” "Renee cares about us. She wants to know how we are and that we're ok. She asks what's going on in our lives and she really wants to know. She's the same way with the people who come here."

Honestly, I couldn't talk to anyone without them excitedly telling me how much they loved Renee and the community she's created at The Shores Sisters. The plants are beautiful. The decor, lovely. The food, delicious. But it's the people that fill this space with comfort and peace. "It takes a village," Renee said, a grateful smile on her face. "I couldn't do this without them. I care about them and they make this work. It's all a blessing and a way for us to praise God."

It's not wonder this place is such a loved treasure in the community. Watch this to see what customers have said.

When you visit The Shores Sisters, take a moment and see the people behind the scenes, the ones stocking the shelves, making your coffee, laying out decor, or watering plants. Take a look at them, these members of this carefully crafted work family, and know they are the reason for this beautiful place . . . a bright light on this golden mile between two small towns in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Go visit and enjoy!



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