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The Spark of Life

I'm a writer. Whether I'm good or not is likely based on whether you read the book I wrote back in 2018(ish). Good or not, I am a writer and I'm an artist. I've always wanted to chain these mediums together but often fall very short of the mark. I'll see things in my head or hear words and I wonder if I could paint that or draw that how would it look? Unfortunately, I am not a painter and I do not have to patience to learn. The truth is, there are just some things a photograph can't quite get. For me, it's the daydreams or questions that live in my head. Finally, I've been able to visually play with the ideas in my imagination. Using complex streams of specific text prompts I can work with an AI program, telling it my story, and then see it created visually in a way that has never been created or seen before. It is my imagination come to life!

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Because I want to touch and hold my story and not be limited by a computer screen I'll be sending these off to print and adding detail by hand to further enhance the unique beauty of these visual concepts.

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•The Spark Of Life• It only makes sense that as I start on this new artistic journey I should create something that represents untouched creation and unique life.

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What does the creation of life look like? When new DNA is created, when cells and atoms mix and mingle, what could we see?

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The creation of a new human. The birth of a new galaxy. The discovery of something complex and new. The enlightening wonder of indescribable beauty.

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Maybe this was once all of us in some way, form, or another . . . a spark of life.

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abstract art; living room art; unique wall art; spark of life; chaos and order;

Love, Melinda

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