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Those Who Love You Most

I love to ask partners and spouses of those I've photographed what its been like for them seeing their loved ones pictures. This experience will always be most transformative for the person I photograph but the people around them, the people that love them, they tend to see a change too . . . and it's always positive. I asked Matt, Bethany's boyfriend/partner/all around amazing guy, to tell me a little about what this was like for him as he watched Bethany through this experience:

Beautiful Bethany- truthfully, I've always loved thunderstorms. I think they are beautiful, calming, and cleansing. I think Bethany is beautiful like a thunderstorm.

"(...) when she was looking at the pictures with me she kept asking me if this is what she really looks like."

(I had a thought on this: Sometimes we see ourselves one way for so long and we believe that's all there is to us. But thats not the case. When I photograph you, I get to show you the best of yourself. I get to prove to you that you ARE beautiful, you have worked hard, and you are worthy. That's what I got to prove to Bethany. She worked so hard. She fought to be where she is now. And that power and success is beautiful!)

Bethany's tattoo artist should be so proud! Look at that beautiful ink!

"I would most definitely recommend anyone to do this. Seeing how nervous she was before hand and how excited and happy she was after the fact -I would tell anyone how positive of an effect this can have on someone."

"Her pictures are amazing and your amazing and your work is amazing and it's been a privilege to see it all."

What a striking shift from back to white! So, so beautiful!

Those who love you most love when you love yourself.

They see your beauty.

They see your worth.

They see your elegance, boldness, creativity, value, and strength. They see it all. And they want you to see it too.

Exist in pictures and see what we see in you.



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