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Triggers and Perception

I was able to photograph Sarah just before the quarantine started. She came to me with beautifully complex goals for her portraits. "I want to show all the sides of myself," Sarah said. "I want to show my shadow self and my feminine self because that's what makes me whole."

A few days ago Sarah wrote this: "Triggers and perception.... How has conditioning, past agreements, and linage changed the lens you view yourself and others from? Men and women alike are plagued by judgment. First from others, than of ourselves and others as we loose connection to our light, our love. Today is Self Love Sunday so I encourage you to explore your lenses, take time to forgive yourself in places you feel you have failed yourself and others, take your power back, and bath yourself in unconventional love ❤️ 💕

For me... my biggest challenge is feminine/goddess energy and the energy surrounding it. Excepting first myself and then other women as the goddesses we are. I am reclaiming my temple body."

What if you didn't have to lose connection to your light? Or what if you did lose it but you could get it back again? What if you could love the parts of yourself that you thought were less than? Maybe it's time to start reclaiming who you really are . . .

Love, Melinda

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