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Truth and Love

While I would gladly be apart of a world with swords and shields and armor, I've realized the bravest people I know are the ones who speak with truth and love.

To me, truth and love are forever linked.

If you lie to someone with the intention of being kind its not true love.

True love is valuing someone enough to be truthful.

There is great vulnerability in truth.

There is great risk.

We live in a world today where truth is subject to your comfort and what makes you feel good.

But that's not truth . . . it's pandering . . . and it's not brave.

Truth spoken with love and kindness, with the goal of lifting another and deepening connection, will always be superior. But it will also always come with risk.

Truth is light.

And the warmth of that light is love.

So, I'll leave swords and armor to storybooks and take, instead, real heroes who fight without recognition and paise.

Heros who risk reputation and comfort.

Heros who wield truth and love with more skill than any knight who ever held a sword.

Love, Melinda

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