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"Two People Fell In Love"

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

You know that song from Brad Paisley, "Two People Fell In Love"- I think of that every single time I photograph a couple who have children.

Let me tell you a little bit of what was happening behind the scenes of this picture

The love these two have for one another is so real and so genuine.

- Jennie and Kainoa were here, arms around one another, being all close and loving probably trying not laugh as I'm no more than four feet in front of them.

I stop for a moment when I realize their two oldest, their daughters, are just next to me watching their parents.

"Do you see this girls?" I asked quietly.

They looked at me and smiled and said they did.

Look at how Randy is holding, Jennie- like she's delicate and precious.

I hope as those girls get older and they see this picture, or any picture of their parents, together they will know that I wasn't really asking what they saw.

I knew they saw their parents.

I know they saw them physically there, close to one another.

There's Randy's smile- he knows he's won the lottery by being married to Jennie.

What I hope they saw, what I hope they will always see, is the love, the hope, the respect, and the certainty that Jennie and Kainoa feel when they are with one another.

I hope they will always see the happiness that exists between them.

I hope all the Bruns children will always see the dedication that their parents have for their relationship.

And from that, they'll have a standard.

A quiet moment of love and stillness.

There is always more beneath the surface to what I do.

There is always more of the story.

There is always more.

You are so beautiful together, Randy and Jennie. Love, Melinda

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