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We Are All In

One of the most transforming things for me in 2019 has been watching not just my own fitness journey but the transformation of family and friends and clients.

Gangs all here!

These amazing women train me (and others) multiple times a week at Journey 333 in Sayre PA. I have watched them tirelessly motivate and encourage people to keep going, telling them that their goals are worth the work.

They have gently pushed me out of my comfort zone by cheering me on when I do something I didn't think I could.

"Is that weight heavy enough for you, Melinda? I think you can go up," they've said, smiling, while putting heavier dumbells in front of me.

"One more! You've got one more!"-when I felt like I was going to drop.

"Five more! There's ten seconds left on the clock. Knock out five more!"- when I needed to go faster.

"You've got it. Nice job, Melinda. Good weight!"- when I was doing all I could.

Something special happens when you feel like you have people cheering you on and championing your success-

You try harder.

You do more. You show up when you would rather be eating ice cream. And in the process, you do things you didn't think you could.

I have watched women drop 40lbs and seen men lift more in their 40s than they ever could in their 20s. I've watched women deadlift almost their entire body weight and men run multiple marathons in a summer. I've watched people get their life and confidence back. And its all done to the cheerful, encouraging cheers of these women and the family they have brought together at Journey in Sayre PA.

Getting to photograph these women who I trust and admire was triumphant. They are strong. They are dedicated. They care. And they show up when it's not always easy . . . because they are ALL IN.

I have never loved these heavy ropes more than in this picture.

Love, Melinda

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