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What Holds You Back?

What holds you back from loving yourself . . . actually, let's start simpler.

What holds you back from liking yourself?

Tell me.

I've heard it all.

The most common: age & weight

"I'd really like to lose a few pounds."

"I worry I'm too old to do something like this. Isn't this just for young people?"

If you dislike yourself because of your weight I want to tell you that losing those few pounds and punishing yourself as you run and count calories won't make you like yourself.

I know that might hurt to hear.

But I mean it with all the friendship and love.

YOU are lovable no matter your weight. You are no less worthy at 350lbs than you are at 100lbs.

It's not the weight or the shape that determines lovability and worth.

Nor is it your age and the smile lines you collect over the years.

As if a few more trips around the Sun make you less valuable than another.

As if your wisdom and experiences put an expiration date on your divine worth.

Age and weight don't determine the goodness of someone's soul or the integrity of someone's character.

They are not markers of class, kindness, or compassion.

They are indicative of very little.

Let's ditch those excuses, shall we?

As your friend (current or future), may I be blunt- Your excuses for disliking the woman in the mirror are a lie . . . a weak one, at that.

Time to dismantle it, dissect it, and throw it away.

It doesn't have to be yours anymore.

You are far too valuable to be measured by numbers that can't measure what matters most.

Tina, thank you for being a class act and a powerhouse of a woman.

Thank you for being vulnerable.

Thank you for showing me beautiful, unique treasures and sharing stories of your grand adventures.

Love, Melinda

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