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What I Deserve

"I am no longer allowing less than I deserve."

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It sounds so basic. But how often do we just accept the crumbs that fall from the table of life?

I don't deserve that.

That's only for special people.

I can't have that.

How often do we simply accept our own destructive habits, our own belittling way of thinking?

We write them off by saying 'this is just who I am' or 'that's just how it is' or, worst of all, 'that's just how it's always been.'

It doesn't have to be that way anymore.

It can stop today, right now.

You can ask for more from yourself.

Maybe it's been years. Maybe you can't remember a time when you didn't talk badly about yourself, gossip, break promises, judge others, or carry around a spirit of contention and anger.

But you don't have to carry that around anymore. Who you were doesn't have to be who you are becoming.

You can demand that you show up for you, giving yourself all the care, all the understanding, all the compassion as you give yourself what you, a divine being of worth and goodness, deserve.

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You deserve to like yourself.

You deserve to let go of bad habits.

You deserve to have fulfilling and beautiful relationships.

You deserve to be the 'you' you've always wanted to be.

She's there, she's waiting for you to take a seat at the table and actually feast on what life has to offer.

You deserve more than you know.

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I am personally thankful to Shea who not only came to me for updated branding and headshots but also let me play around with creative lighting. As if that wasn't enough, she shared the above wisdom with me helping to shift my perspective and view of life and my role in it. Shea isn't just one of the best makeup artist I know, she's also insightful and wise and kind.

Cheers to you, my beautiful friend.

Love, Melinda

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