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What If You Could Love Yourself?

What if a picture could help you love yourself? What if a picture of you could help you love something about yourself that you previously hated? What if a picture of you made you see yourself as you really are? Can you imagine how that feels? Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to see yourself anew? To let go of the hate? The disgust? To be able to let go of being self-conscious? Wouldn't that be totally freeing?

Let me tell you, this happens. This is real. I have seen it time and time again. I have photographed incredibly beautiful people (because I firmly believe in the divine beauty of everyone, therefore everyone I see is truly beautiful to me) who have things about themselves they don't like, even hate. I photograph them, they have a wonderful experience, and then they see the pictures . . . and it's like magic. They see what I see. They see beauty that was always there. They learn to love that part of themselves that they couldn't stand. That's the power of a portrait, the power to transform the way you see yourself. I get chills every time I experience it with someone I photograph. And I got to experience this with Elizabeth. This is what she said about this picture:

"I’ve always hated my profile since the 8th grade when we had to do an art project where we made cds and put the profile of our face on there. And I just didn’t like it. So I’ve been conscious of it since. "This is my favorite picture of me ever and it makes me so happy!"

Pictures have power. They can change the way we see the world . . . even if we've seen it one way for years. They can change the way we see ourselves . . . and T H A T changes our world. You are worthy of having pictures that help you love yourself, that help you really see who you are. Love, Melinda

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