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What Is My "Every Woman" Campaign?

What is my "Every Woman" campaign?

It's a chance for you to be photographed for an hour with me as I showcase you and share your story of being a strong, confidant woman who has worth and value.

There is no age limit. There are no size requirements. You don't have to wear makeup. Heck! You don't have to wear anything.

You show up as Y O U. Because that, my friend, is beautiful. That's the woman you've spent years becoming. Y O U are the example of beauty we need.

This experience is for every woman. It's time for you to be seen.

All the love to the beautiful DR. HOLLY SNYDER from Renegade Performance. No makeup. No gown. All the beauty and goodness and laughs. Holly is proof that beauty comes from the soul and shines outward.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens, Sayre Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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