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What's Underneath

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

When you are presented with beautiful, strong, powerful women who are excited to show off all that they have physically worked for, we inevitably get stunning unwrapped body shots.

The amazing thing to me is despite the physical accomplishments of these women they still held on to worries about how they looked . . . Just like every other woman.

For the longest time, I thought only unhealthy or overweight people had body image issues. Maybe this was because I grew up as an overweight, unhealthy teenager and only got my act together within the last two years. I grew up thinking that if only I weighed less, if I ran more, if I was stronger, if I could lose the muffin top- if I could do all that- then all my problems would be fixed. Then I'd be confident. Then I'd get dates. Then I'd be beautiful. Then people would talk to me. Then I'd be happier. I thought weighing less would solve all my problems. Obviously that's not true. All the emotional stuff has to be addressed at a core level. For me, weight was symptomatic of what the real issues were.

Guess what? Emotional problems don't solve themselves if you eat less cake and run 2 miles every day. Believe me . . .

So why this lecture on emotions and body image? Well, because I've learned that everyone needs to be treated with great amounts of love and care and understanding. I've learned that most people, especially when they step in front of my camera, need to be treated with the greatest amounts of respect and admiration. I've learned that a woman wanting to be photographed with less clothing has little to do with getting attention and a whole lot to do with celebrating the gift that is her body. **fun side note- many women who do Unwrapped Sessions with me ask for their portraits to remain private**

Women who are photographed with less clothing arent any less nervous. Sure, some have more confidence than others but that's only about 2 out of every 10 women I photograph. Women who decide to shed their clothing do so because they want to see, they want proof of what they hope is there . . . of what they sometimes catch glimpses of . . . they want to know they are beautiful . . .

that they are desirable . . .

that they more than pretty clothes.

They embrace the vulnerability of shedding the clothing barrier because they know it's what's underneath that counts. That's what they've worked hard to love. That's what they've worked hard to keep healthy and strong . . . and they want to see that. They want to celebrate them. And what a beautiful celebration it is.



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