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What To Do With The Pictures

Your pictures get printed.

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We know that technology advances at a rate that's often hard to keep up with. Once upon a time pictures were stored digitally on computer hard drives then floppy disks then CDs then thumb drives then social media then file storage sites and the list goes on. I've seen images get corrupted as they are transferred from one medium to another. I've seen years worth of precious memories copied to a thumb drive then relegated to the back of a dusty office drawer, forgotten and untouched, and then thrown out.

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Digital media is great!

It's got a valuable place, and that's why, when you come to me, you get the prints and you get the digitals.

You deserve the best of both worlds. You should have the ability to share your pictures on Instagram and Facebook. And you should also have them hanging in your home bringing light and joy to bland walls and happy reminders on grey days.

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When you look through your pictures you choose the ones you want and those get masterfully printed. Because I believe you are valuable and precious your pictures are printed to the highest quality. The goal is that, with proper care, your pictures outlive me.

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Your photoshoot is going to be incredible!

You are going to feel beautiful and valuable.

You are going to feel awake and seen.

And your pictures will be an incredible celebration you.

I promise, with pictures of the powerful, striking woman you are you'll want to see them every single day.

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Cover your walls with them!

Fill your office, your bedroom, your living room, all your rooms with reminders of what is most important- you, your family, your mother, your daughter, your pet, your babies, your vowes.

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Fill your home with the best, most beautiful things.

Fill your home with art.

Fill it with you.

Have any questions about a photoshoot? Shoot me a message and I'll be happy to chat.

Love, Melinda

Private Photography Studio in Athens PA.

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