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What Would I Tell You?

I've been having some really enlightening conversations lately. I've talked with people about what I do and how its different from your most photoshoots. Its because I've found my clients need more connection.

It's ok to worry. It's ok to be nervous. I'm with you.

They {you} need validation.

They {you} need to be heard. They {you} need to be seen, really seen. They {you} need to be told that they belong in front of my camera. They {you} need to be told they are worth this.

You are SO worth this!

Every single person I photograph is sacred or nervous to some some degree or another. They always tell me their fears: "I don't want to look fat." "Tell me if my mouth looks weird." "I hate that my breasts look so small." "My butt is too big, make sure it looks smaller."

This girl, Marinna, has overcome so many fears! What bravery she has!

Cameras are scary! We have all opened our camera on our phone to take a picture of our kids or the scenery or our food but the camera was facing us and we basically see a Disney villain version of ourself. That is scary! And no, you don't look like that in real life. We've also all seen bad pictures of ourselves, like way bad. You know the one's. Our face is weird, our arm is pressed against our body making it two times its normal size, we have that ugly shirt on because it was the only thing clean, and we have lipstick on our teeth . . . seeing those is like a punch in the gut.

You are not your fears . . . you are what happens when you move past them.

So, people are afraid. They are afraid that even when they come to see me that's all they are going to see . . . the worst version of themself. They are afraid thats all there really is. As if maybe them on their worst picture day is their normal. "What if I'm not pretty?"

The "what if". . . it's a scary question and we rarely give a good outcome. But what if . . . what if it was great!

Or worse, what if all their internal fears can be seen. "What if I've done all this work. I've worked out, eaten healthy, the scale says a smaller number . . . but what if I still have all the weight . . ." "What if everyone can see all my mistakes? What if all my progress can't cover up all my failures." "What if I haven't changed?" ". . . what if all I see is failure?" "What if my mom was right?" "What if my ex was right?" ". . . . what if . . . . "

You are more than your doubts, you are more than your fears, you are more than your past.

I know you've been here. I know you worry about this. I know because this is what people tell me. People tell me a lot when I photograph them because I ask. I want to know your story. I want to listen.

Maybe your fears are different but they are still fears. And we always worry if others can see them.

When I photograph you I promise that I only see you as worthy, incredible, divine, and so, so valuable.

What would I tell you if you came to me? What would I tell you if you were sitting in front of me and I was about to photograph you?

You are good enough.

I would tell you that you are good enough. That you are worthy of being here. You are worthy of being seen. You are worthy of being heard. You are worthy of being afraid . . . . . . but you are also worthy of being brave.

You are brave.

You are worthy of being loved. You are worthy of being beautiful. I would remind you that you are a divine being of light. You are so much more than any failure you've made. You are without limits. You are incomparable.

You are everything.

You are made of the same atoms and particles that make the sun, stars, and universe . . . You, you incredible being of goodness and divinity, you are worth everything. And you belong here.

Love, Melinda

Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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