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Winter in May

It's been cold these last few days here in Athens Pennsylvania.

I'll admit, I thought winter and winter weather was over.

In my excitement (about a week and a half ago) I bought several beautiful plants from Shores Sisters- Cafe, Farm Market, Greenhouse, Bakery. They all got planted in beautiful locations and were doing well . . .

Then it decided to be winter again. We've gotten frost, snow, hail, and ice over these last few days.

Most of the plants we carefully planted are dead. We tried to save them but the unexpected cold was too much.

I can't grow plants but I sure can grow beautiful children.

My daughter has mourned the withered plants and flowers. I'm thankful we took the time to get pictures of her with some of our spring flowers before they all met their winter end.

Sometimes this is life . . .

things look good.

We make wise plans.

We do our best.

But sometimes unexpected things happen.

Our plans get shaken and we have to reevaluate.

BUT we should always remember there are brighter days ahead.

Summer always comes and the sun eventually shines.

Love, Melinda

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