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Words From Danielle

I can tell you how transformative this is.

I can tell you you'll see yourself differently.

I can promise you that I'll be with you through this whole process.

I can reassure you that you don't need to be afraid.

I can preach about my understanding of the divinity of who you are and how that shapes how I'll photograph you.

I can tell you so many things and all of them are true. But maybe you don't know me yet. For all you know I'm another photographer who's gonna throw you into the machine of my small business.

Maybe you worry I won't care about your concerns, that I won't listen, and that you'll be disappointed when all is said and done.

Cause this is social media and these are just my words.

So maybe the words of someone else will help. The words of someone who didn't know me before they chose me as their photographer.

Sometimes it's easier for others, for you, to understand what this experience is like when you read a testimonial from someone who has experienced it.

Here's what Danielle said:


From the moment we engaged in conversation I knew I could not wait to look into your lens. Your passion for the art of photography and your vision are both truly incredible but it wasn’t until I met you face to face that I knew you really had a gift, one to share with the world! Your compassion, empathy, inspiration, and complete engagement speaks volumes and I feel lucky to have had this experience. When people talk about beauty, most only think superficial and external forces of beauty but YOU, you allowed me to feel whole and beautiful despite my flaws and imperfections.... by capturing ME! Thank you for your understanding that my many hard days come with hard-fought triumphs. Thank you for listening, for your welcoming and empathetic demeanor, and for sharing your gift with me!

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

Serving Athens, Sayre Pennsylvania, Towanda Pennsylvania, Corning New York, and Twin Tiers area.

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