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Words From Helen

"People think I am strong and outgoing. In reality, I am shy and very self-conscious. A friend talked me into looking into this photoshoot with Melinda.

I'm so glad I did.

Melinda is very enthusiastic, encouraging, uplifting, supportive, and fun. 

She made me feel at ease and special from the moment we first spoke. 

She is so outgoing and inspiring, she sees the beauty in everyone and everything. She can make magic with her camera. She made me feel so at ease and comfortable through every step of the shoot, it was fun and inspiring. 

The week prior to the shoot there were things going on in my life I actually considered canceling.  Melinda brightened my day and picked up my spirit, made me laugh, and showed me that every day can be a special day.

Melinda made the day about me and showed she genuinely enjoyed working with me. Melinda made me feel special and pretty. Melinda is a woman who sees into your soul and brings out your unique beauty. She is so very inspiring, kind, and sweet.  Every woman should see herself as Melinda sees her.

Actually, every person should." -Helen

Helen is special and unique. To say I am happy and overjoyed that she sees her self and feels beautiful is an understatement.

I agree with Helen, every person should see themselves as beautiful. I saw Helen's unique beauty . . . how could I not? She shines.

Love, Melinda

Photography Studio in Athens PA.

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