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Year 1 Is Paper

It's tradition that for your first year of marriage your gift to your spouse is paper of some sort. Elizabeth had a brilliant idea to create a beautiful black book filled with glorious pictures of her.

This black book contained some beautifully sexy pictures!

And let me tell you, creating these with her was an absolute blast!

You'll remember Elizabeth from a few posts ago because she was also photographed that same day with her sweet daughter, Bella. But once our sweet mother/daughter pictures were done and we parted ways with Bella it got R E A L!

Elizabeth came to me all the way from DC with her wedding dress and a bag of sexy beautiful things. Shoes- check Corset- check Sexy heals- check Thigh High Stockings- Check White Lace- check

Elizabeth was full of limitless confidence and a desire to create something unique and special for the man she loves. She owned her space, owned her body, owned her out of this world sexiness, and it shows in every single picture.

Now, while Elizabeth was making something special for her husband, she was also creating something for herself, a tribute to her and who she is. These pictures turned into a way from Elizabeth to love herself more, to appreciate her skin and body more.

When you see a picture that you love of yourself, it changes you. Your love of the girl who looks back at you in the mirror grows. You see your beauty, your divine grace more clearly.

Needless to say, Elizabeth's Black Book gift to her husband was a hit! And how could it not be with pictures like this?

Elizabeth, your confidence in yourself and your beauty was contagious. You are just full to the brim with goodness and beauty and laughter and smiles and joy! What a light you are. Love, Melinda

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