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You Don't Need Me

You don't need me to tell you you're beautiful. You don't need me to prove it to you. Whether or not you're photographed by me doesn't change who you are. You are a divine being who's very atoms share celestial glory. A portrait isn't going to change that in any way.

That's just who they are.

It's who you are.

Your very nature is one of beauty.

Women don't come to me and then I make them beautiful. It doesn't work that way.

You already are beautiful . . . I just help you see it.

Maybe you forgot . . . I've had women come see me because they forgot . . . or maybe they never saw it in the first place.

So, they come to me and I help them see, I tell them what's already there.

You don't need me to be beautiful- you already are.

Beauty is your birthright and no one can take away that gift.

If you doubt me, if you question and say 'oh not me' it's not because you are not breathtakingly beautiful.

It's not because every cell of your being isn't buzzing with light and glory.

It's not because you missed out when beauty was being handed out among your sisters.

You did not get the short end of any stick.

Beauty, true beauty, heavenly stuff, the beauty that melts your heart and makes you stare in wonder . . . that is apart of your existence.

You exist therefore you are beautiful.

If anything or anyone makes you feel otherwise they are lying or they are selling something.

Please, don't fall for it.

With or without me, with or without pictures . . . you are beautiful.

Please see it . . . please, just see that you're beautiful and good and valuable and worthy.

I see it.

Love, Melinda

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