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Your Daughter

You look at your daughter and you almost can't contain all the love and pride you have for her.

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How could you love one person more than breathing? She is special and necessary.

And you love her more than words could ever come close to expressing.

In a world of not good enough, you look at her and you see more than enough, you see a divinely created person with enough power to change the world. You know this because she changed yours.

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You always tell her how wonderful and good she is, how much you love her and how much goodness she brings into the world.

Maybe she rolls her eyes, perhaps she walks away, maybe she chats a little and says, "thanks".

And you think to yourself she has no idea. She really doesn't.

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You've watched her sleep through the night and taken her very first shaky steps the next day. You cheered her on at soccer matches and cried with her when she forgot her lines in the school play.

You've watched her become and stood in awe at this remarkable metamorphosis that continues to take place.

She's an entire universe wrapped up as a remarkable little person.

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It is her birthright to be valuable. It is in her DNA to be beautiful.

It is her destiny to be great.

And, for her, you rebel against the world for telling her anything less.

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Continued booking for Princess for an Afternoon Photoshoots. Let your daughter have the full royal experience with everything from dresses and gowns to princess crowns and makeup. It's all taken care of for her so you can watch your daughter be who she was born to be, a princess.

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